About Related Products by Tags

Ever thought of how to drastically increase your sales by displaying relevant products to your customers and subsequently incentivize them to buy more? When people think they are getting a good deal, they are likely to take a good deal but when there are two distinct and different options, price usually wins. We offer a 14-day free trial so you can experience the app first before deciding to buy. Fast and friendly support that will help you out as quickly as possible. We will respond to your requests within 24 hours on weekdays.

Related Products by Tags
We all have come across a very common shopping experience where your initial intention was to buy one thing but end up buying multiple. Almost every business utilizes this technique called “upselling” where they usually display products that have the same tags/similar to the one customer browsing. It might positively affect customers’ buying decisions because they could buy more.

Handpick Bought Together Bundle
If your customer chooses a dress, you might want a pop-up section on that product page showing relevant items that compliment the dress like a hat or pair of shoes. Pursuing a bundle pricing strategy allows you to increase your profit by using a discount to induce customers to buy more than they otherwise would have.

How does the app work?
Install the app and it will update your product lists from the admin. The app will identify each product tag, products that have the same tags will be grouped into related product sections accordingly and displays it on the product page.

Highlight Features
Only Show Selected Tags feature: you can decide whether or not to display a specific related product
Show Related Products with 4 layouts: Drop Down; Grid View; List View and Slider.
Different displays: Under “Add to cart”; Under Product Description; Under Product Title; Under Product Price. We are also able to customize other displays that require coding.
Show Bought Together group with 4 layouts: Grid View; List View; Table View and Special Layout.
The title, text and colors are customizable.
Adjust product quantity.
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