Automation rules example

Send an Email.
Add a Tag to Customer.
Add a Tag to Order.
Post Data to URL.
Cancel Scheduled Tasks.
Hide Out of Stock/ Publish Restock Product.
Daily Report/ Weekly Report/ Monthly Report.
You could combine multiple conditions and multiple actions to meet your needs. If you could not find a combination or have any questions on creating automation, simply email us. We are delighted to learn your demand and improve our App.

1. Send an Email.

You can set it up to automatically send a notification email, welcome email, marketing email, or anything.

Ex: Send email to welcome new customers after 24 hours

Step 1: Define the conditions

The trigger type is "Customer" and the condition type is "New Customer". Because emails will be sent to all new customers, select the condition "All customers".

Step 2: Define the actions.

Select the action type is "Send an email", then enter the required information.

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