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Create an Offer - Create a Draft Order Manually.

This function is to convert the quote into a draft order once the deal between you and the customer is agreed.

Go to the quote that you want to convert, click “Create offer” button:

Fill in the additional fields: message, add discounts, shipping cost or quote id (optional) then click “Create offer”

From this part, it will be taken care of by the Shopify system. This quote then will appear on Drafts order on Shopify admin, at the same time, an email invoice will be sent to your customers so that they can complete the purchase.

After you created an offer, the quote will display “View Draft Order” text and the draft order’s information:

Email invoice: when you would like to resend the invoice to the customers.

Create PDF invoice create invoice under PDF file

Quote status

Inside the quote, you can:

- Mark the quote as unread: to unread the quote you have clicked on

- Mark the quote as purchased: customer has completed the purchase.

Please be noted that if you choose to Create an Offer/ Draft Order Manually, please check this option to turn off the automatically option:

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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