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Display Settings - Quote Button Condition

With Display settings tab, you can set up rules for quote button, hide prices feature and other display option related to quote form, quote table,...

Create a rule for product that you want to show the "Add to quote" button. Choose one of the three options below:

All products

All products
Enable "Request for quote" feature for all products.

To choose this option, simply click the checkbox:

Manually enable the "Request for quote" feature for products.

Please note that you cannot add a new product for quotation in our app. The list of available products can be found and edited in the Settings/Product section in your Shopify admin.

"Request for quote" feature is automatically enabled for products that match the set conditions.

Apply the feature on either product that matches all conditions (AND) or any conditions (OR).
Adjust the product condition to set up automate requests.
Add/Remove condition

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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