You can edit any fields by clicking on the Edit icon

For each field, there is a list of values that you can add or change.

Type of text input: including 4 options: text, number, email, textarea
Label: The name of the field
Min - Max: if you choose “number”, it will show min and max values, please note that this is the min and max values, not min and max characters. For “phone number”, please use option “text” so that your customer will not have any limit to enter their phone number.
Placeholder: add placeholder text for this field.
Default value: if the customer has an account on your store and logged in, our app will detect the value that you choose and auto display it at the quote form.

Width? : width of the value box

Margin Top(px): the space between the value and above area
Required?: Tick on this checkbox if it’s a mandatory field.
Include this field to email: Tick on this checkbox to show the information at the email sent to customer and admin if you include this information in the email template

Show time: let customers select their time as well.
Multiple files: let customers select more than one image to attach in the quote form.
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