Embed Request a Quote - Hide Prices app on your theme

Please go to our app and find Settings --> Integrate theme--> APP EMBEDS

Click to SAVE button to allow our app work on your theme.
(Please be noted that if the SAVE button is gray like the screenshot below --> the app is working and if it is green, it means the app is not allowed to work)

Or you can contact Omega Support Team via [email protected] to get it fixed quickly.
(The reason for the issue is that you are using Online store 2.0 incompatible theme)

Why should you make it done as soon as possible?

Enabling App Embeds allows Omega to stay fully compatible with OS 2.0 & reduce the burden on your end. You don't need to manually add any scripts to the theme for the app to work, also no code removal is needed upon uninstall.
With this, you can be assured the app stops functioning at the moment you uninstall it.
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