Directly go to this link: to install Facebook Events by Omega app


Please be noted that with our new update, you MUST create your own Facebook App in order to get the Facebook App ID and secret, instead of getting access token through our app like in the previous version.
Follow these steps to get a Facebook App ID:
* Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account which has admin authority with your Page.
* Step 2: You'll need Facebook developer account to get started. If you don't have one upgrade your personal Facebook account to a Facebook Developer account now.
Go to and click Register Now button at the top of the page

Click Register Now. You'll be able to create a new app with an app's name and contact email as below:

After hitting Next, you'll have to confirm your authority with the new app with your phone number:

Step 3: After creating app, go to Settings => Basic in left menu

Scroll down, click + Add Platform and choose Website
Image result for add platform in facebook app

Paste link: "" in Site URL and Save Changes

Note: Your Facebook App must be in "**In Development**" status. This could be changed in your Facebook Dashboard.


This is administrative interface. We have 2 tabs:

Facebook Config:

In the tab Settings, you must connect to Facebook page by inputting your Facebook APP ID and secret.

After you have connected the App ID and secret, click Connect to Facebook button, then choose the Facebook page you want to import events from.

After choosing your Facebook page, you can choose view mode and customize settings.

We also introduced a new features in this update called Calender Snippet. It is a calender that can be put anywhere on your store, so that customers visiting your store can keep up with your upcoming events.

In order to add Calender Snippet, please make sure that you have enabled Calender Snippet in the Calender Snippet section, then add short code <div class="ot-facebook-events-calendar"></div> to theme.liquid as instructed above.

Manage Events in Events tab

Customers visiting your store now can sort events by the date of events with our latest update:

There are 5 filters that will make it easier for customers to see your events. The number of events shown per page can be set in the General Settings section.

Special: If you want to display another view mode so you can add <div class="ot-facebook-events" data-view="number" data-limit="number"></div> there in

data-view: View mode's ID

data-limit: Limit event

For Sample: Your home page you want to show Iframe in page. Your product page you want to show grid view.

Your home page: <div class="ot-facebook-events" data-view="3" data-limit="8"></div>

Your product page: <div class="ot-facebook-events" data-view="5" data-limit="20"></div>

*Note: These Steps require coding knowledge and the template structure may different for each theme so if you don't familiar with it don't hesitate to contact us for any question at [email protected] that will support for you 24/24


Example added code to theme.liquid, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to Edit HMTL page of your theme: Online Store -> Themes -> Action > Edit code.

Step 2:

Go to Edit cart page template: Templates -> theme.liquid.

Step 3:

You can put this code on where you want to show the facebook reviews on theme template: <div class="ot-facebook-events"></div>

If you need to show the review only homepage, please add code to theme.liquid
{% if template == 'index' %}
<div class="ot-facebook-events"></div>
{% endif; %}********

If you want to show calendar snippet, please add code to theme.liquid:
<div class="ot-facebook-events-calendar"></div>


1. "Can't load URL" error notice:

This error might have occurred when you received a notice:

In this case, you might have forgotten to add our domain to your Facebook App. To fix this, please follow these steps:

- From your Facebook Dashboard page, click Settings => Basic in the left menu

- Scroll down, click Add Platform => Website. Paste the link in Site URL and Save Changes

For further details on this settings, please review our instruction in How to get Facebook App ID/Step 3 section.

2. "Invalid Scopes" notice:****

This error occurs because your App Status is not in "In Development" status. This could be adjusted in your Facebook Dashboard.

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