||| ⭐️ Installation

Step 1: Lock into your Shopify account in App Store. Click the ADD APP button to buy the app for your store.

Step 2: You will then be redirected to your admin page to make a payment for the app and start installing.

Step 3: After press Install app, the app will be automatically installed and be ready right away for you to use in the Apps section

||| ⭐️ How to add Pixel ID to your store

After installing Omega - Multi Facebook Pixels app you will be directed to the admin page

Admin page

Step 1: Go to Event Manager and copy your Pixel ID from there

Step 2: Go back to the app, name the pixel and paste it on the blank cell

Add Facebook Pixel

Step 3: Choose pages to track the pixel events

If you want the pixel to track all products, you can choose All Pages.

However, if you want the pixel to track only specific Product, Collection, Product’s tag and Product’s type, you can choose in the app by selecting Selected Pages

Step 4: Click Complete to continue

Step 5: After clicking Complete, you need to add the scripts to Shopify thank you page.

Copy the script from our app:

Click Add Code then the app will redirect you to Checkout, paste the code under additional scripts

Step 6: Click Complete setup and you can go to your store to check if it’s working

Use Facebook Pixel Helper to see if it’s working or not

Store Demo

||| ⭐️ How to set up conversions API

After clicking Complete setup, the app will show as below:

Due to IOS 14 updates, the users can choose to opt-out of tracking events, therefore, you will miss some events from the browser side, enable conversions API will help you track those missing events and keep the data tracking at maximum level.

You can either click Enable Conversion API:

Or Click Edit button and enable conversion API option:

Fill in the access token and get a test event code to test the events on the server-side:

How to generate Facebook Access Token for a pixel

How to get test event code

How to test server-side event

||| ⭐️ Pixel Settings

You can see Pixel Settings under Facebook Pixel section:

Then you can see the settings for your app and for conversions API:

#1. You can disable/ enable the app

#2. Your Facebook Business Manager Time.

By default, the app will use UTC, if you don't set up your time zone, there will be a slight difference in date reporting which causes Conversions API to report the data on the wrong date.

Make sure to set the time zone in the app to be the same as your ads account time zone.

You can check your Ads account time zone by following the below document:


#3. Settings for Conversions API

In this section, you can choose the events you want conversions API to track, normally it includes Page View, View Content, Add to cart, Initcheckout and Purchase event.

#4. Customer information Parameters

For the purchase event, you can get more customer details by selecting the customer information you want the pixel to send.

||| ⭐️ How to Add Another Pixel

To add another pixel in the app, click Add Pixel button:

You can set up the conversion API for the second pixel as well. Be noted that the app pricing includes unlimited pixels but only 1 Conversion API.

You need to upgrade to add more APIs, the fee will be charged immediately after you click Upgrade Now, there is no trial for extra APIs.

To upgrade, go to Pricing and add the number of APIs you want to upgrade:

||| ⭐️ App value tracking

Shopify tracks pure sales, meaning it does not include any shipping, taxes or discounts in sales reports.
Anything other than the sale could be considered a cost or tax entry for accounting purposes.
In case you want to track the subtotal value, please contact our support team or reach us via email [email protected], then our developer will customize it for you.

||| ⭐️ App currency

By default, the app will send the currency that you choose on your Shopify settings, if you use multiple currencies on your store, we recommend you to use Currency Converter Bear by Conversion Bear, so that we can support to convert the value on your ads report. If you use another app to convert the currency, please contact them to provide an API for our app to connect with, then inform us via email [email protected] or support chat so that our developer can support you.

✏️ If you have any problems when using Omega - Multi Facebook Pixels app please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], our support team will make sure your problem is solved as soon as possible.
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