Step 1: Log into your Shopify Account in App Store. Click the ADD APP button to buy the app for your store.

Step 2: You will then be redirected to your admin page to make a payment for the app and start installing.

Step 3: After Installing the app, it will be ready to use in the Apps section.

Step 4: A catalog names Omega Product Catalog will be created and a CSV File that includes all of your store products will also be automatically uploaded to Facebook. An eligible product contains product’s name, description, product type, image-link, price, brand, condition, link, stock availability (instock). Within 1 hour while creating, all products will be posted by Facebook and updated based on dates. If you edited a product it will also be automatically updated to your CSV File in order to update on Facebook.

Note: To create and schedule a Product Feed on Facebook, your products on Shopify must have:

Product title
Product handle
Products in stock (if the products are out of stock, they have to be able to buy)
Product images
Product description

App settings

Step 1: After installing the app, you will be redirected to the simple administrative interface, connect to your Facebook profile by clicking Continue with Facebook button.

Step 2:

Select the Business Account that you want. Or create a new account if you haven’t gotten one yet.***

Select the Ads Account that you want. Or create a new account if you haven’t gotten one yet.

Click Next to proceed if you already have a Payment Method. If not you can add the Payment Method in your Facebook Business Account.

Step 3: Select the Facebook Pixel that you’d like to use it to track

Step 4: Select the position that you want to display on Facebook.

Step 5: Choose the Facebook Page for your posts to be displayed

Step 6: Choose the countries, areas you want to show your ads and spending. Afterward, click Save for all these settings.

App DashBoard

On the left is your Ads Index. It also has options to filter by a specific time.
On the right is where you configure your Ads. You can either enable or disable the Ads or adjust the index in the setting or add your product overlay.

Overlay Setting

Step 1: Choose the overlay frame

Step 2: Configure the paragraph and value

Step 3: Choose the overlay and word colors

**Should you need help with the configuration process, please don't hesitate to contact our support center at [email protected] **
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