7. FAQs

7.1. When I click on the chat icon, nothing pops up. How do I fix the issue?
The messenger box can not be shown on your website due to page's privacy issue below:
You may not be an administrator
Age restrictions
Private page
Country restrictions
Please check and change the setting on your Facebook page

7.2. The live chat is not working on the mobile version of our website. Is there any problem?
Please check whether you are choosing only desktop display on your page
In addition, the Chat Plugin supports modern popular desktop and mobile browsers except Messenger in-app browsers and Internet Explorer.

7.3. Why is the live chat not working on the PC version of our website?
Please check whether you are choosing only PC display on your page

7.4. Can I change the size of the chat box on my website?
Unfortunately, you can’t change it because it is the default setting of Facebook

7.5. How do I customize the options that my customers will get with the live chat function?
You can customize in the part Settings of your Facebook page

7.6. I changed the language to our language and on my page it is still in English, what should I do?
The problem may be cached on the browser, go to admin to save the settings, then RELOAD to check the page.

7.7. Can I hide the welcome message?
You can. But sometimes, due to an error on Facebook, you could not be able to hide.

7.8. How do I get alerted if someone sends me a message?
It might be because you haven’t turned on the notification on your page. Please turn on your notification on your setting page then you will be alerted when your customers message you.

Should you need help with the configuration process, please don't hesitate to contact our support center at [email protected]
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