Why do you need Get contact information via Facebook Messenger - Live Chat?

It helps you get customer information (email, phone number) when you are away/ unavailable / out of office, so that you can get back to them quickly.
As all we know, some customers would like to open Guest Chat rather than logging-in their FB account, and according to Facebook Policy, you only have 24 hours to reply to these messages. With Get contact information feature, you will never miss a thing from your potential customers.

How to use Get contact information feature

Going to the app -> Widgets -> Get contact information (Get customer information by Pre-chat form)

You can customize the content to your customers

Subject text: You can put the name of your store in this section

Message: You can insert message to inform your customer about unavailable support service/ out of working hours.

(Please be noted that the characters limitation for Subject text or Message is 255)

Select box: You can add Email(default), Phone Number, Message (optional)

Button color and Button text color: You can change the color of the text and color of "Send" Button.

Set time to show Form: You can set the time to show the Form

- Always show

- Select offline time & show

How to check and send email to customer via Facebook Messenger - Live Chat

In the Leave Contact, you can check customer messages sent through the form and reply to them by email connected in the app.


You can send Email Message to your customer, delete message, add the tag, add note for each message.

Email Settings

To send message to customer's email, you have to configure your email in this section.

Gmail Configuration
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