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This is documentation of the Google Shopping Feed Pro app application, which will help you to configure your app in the right way.

1. Install app

2. App configuration

3. Sign up for Google Merchants Account

4. Verify and claim your website URL


Step 1: Directly go to this link: Google Shopping Feed Pro to install the app

Step 2: You will then be redirected to your admin page and start installing.

Step 3: After Installing app, it will be ready to use in Apps section.


After installing Google Shopping Feed Pro app, you will be directed to the app admin. The app interface will appear like this:

Click Create Feed, then select Connect Google Account and log in to your Gmail account, give our app the access to your account.

Choose Continue and do settings for your feed

Enter the name of your product feed and click Continue

Select or type to find the product category for your product type and click Continue

Next, select the product to apply product feed. You can either choose to apply for all products or for specific products based on your conditions.

Then click Continue

In the Custom field section, after you set up product feed, the app will generate an excel file that includes all product data of your feed. You can custom the fields to show in that file.

The default setting of the app will show all product fields.

Remember to click** Save Feed button to create your Product feed.

After that, the admin app will show the feed you have created, select an action for your feed.

If you select Feed data, you can see your feed information on Google Merchant Center

If you select Export Input feed to file, the app will generate a file for you to download.


Go to and then log in with your Google Account to get started.

Enter your business information

Your business information will be used in each program you sign up for. Add the country where your business is registered as the “Business country.”

The business display name can be your business’s name, website’s name, or store name.

Note: The name you enter as your business display name will be used as your Merchant Center account name, and users will see this name on Google.

The time zone for Merchant Center is automatically filled based on the country you choose in the “Business country” section.

Click Terms and Conditions to view the full document of the agreement.

Choose a program that fit your business objectives

After you’ve entered your business information, you will be able to select programs, choose the programs that meet your business objectives. You’ll be able to add other programs, or cancel existing ones, after completing the enrollment process.

Information you share when you enroll in one program will automatically populate in any other programs you choose. This means you’ll only need to enter once for program information, such as product data or shipping policies.

Complete your account sign up process

You will see a summary of the settings on your Google Merchants Center before proceeding to the completion step.

To activate your account, click the Create Account button.

You then will move to your Google Merchant Center account’s interface:

The Google Shopping Feed Pro app automatically syncs your products and relevant information about your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center.


For first time users in Google Merchant Center and for users who add a new domain, Google will require you to verify and claim your website URL.

When you access Google Merchant Center, there will be a notification to ask you to verify and claim your website URL.

Click to Fix It and add your website URL, then Save

Select an option so that Google can help you verify your website and follow their instructions.

Select: I have access to my server

Select: Add an HTML tag to my homepage

Copy the meta tag and go to your Shopify admin -> Themes -> Edit code -> Theme.liquid file

Paste the meta tag before tag </head>

Save assets then click Verify URL, go back to About your business and check your product feed data.

Should you need help with the configuration process, please don't hesitate to contact our support center at [email protected]
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