How to check the error why Facebook chat doesn’t appear on your store

1. Whitelist domain

Access your store URL, on the page you set to show the chat icon, press F12 or right click then select Inspect.

In the Console section, if you see the red line:

Refused to frame '' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors".

This mean that you haven’t whitelisted the domain on your Facebook page.

Follow our doc to fix this issue: How to whitelist domains

2. Integrate theme

Please follow our instructions here to configure our app with theme 2.0
Integrate FB Messenger - Live Chat with your theme

If it's already on like this, please remind them to click on the button SAVE once again.

3. You have not connected your Facebook page with the app

Please make sure that you are the admin of your Facebook page and connect to your Facebook page.

Get back to the app --> Settings to connect FB page

4. Make sure you set your page published and allow people to contact you privately.

5. You set up the working time for your chat

On the setting of the app, you choose the working hours and time-zone for the app, please test the app within the working hours so you can see it properly.
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