Install the app on Shopify and connect the app with your PayPal account to let the app sync tracking info to PayPal.

Step 1: Install the app to your store => App admin => Click to SETTINGS tab => Click Connect with PayPal.

Step 2: Log in your Paypal account

Step 3: Agree and connect your account with SyncTrack - Add tracking auto app


Step 5: After connecting, it will take you back to the app admin, where you can see the "confirmed" status and payer ID. Then, the app is ready to add tracking information to PayPal once the orders are fulfilled.

✏️ Watch the tutorial video to have a better visualization on how to create a limited-access user on PayPal:

Note: We only require minimal access from your account to add tracking info to PayPal. Rest assured that your account will always be safe.
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