How to create an Abandoned Cart Campaign

Step 1: There are 2 ways to create an Abandoned Cart Campaign.

1: Go to the app ---> Campaigns ----> Abandoned Cart Campaign

2: Go to the Dashboard ----> Campaign Name ----> Abandoned Cart Campaign

Step 2: In this window, you can see the Message, the number of Sent, Open-Rate, the percentage of Click - Rate and turn on/ off the Status of the campaign and the action with Edit, Duplicate, Delete Message.

The maximum number of messages to send customers is 3 to avoid spam in your customer's inbox.
Please be noted: In the case you set to send 3 messages at one time, the app will send the only first message to avoid spam or inconvenience to your customer.

Sent: Number of messages sent to customers from the campaign.
Open - Rate: Open rate of messages sent from the campaign. It is calculated by the number of times the customer opens the message / the number of messages sent from the campaign.

In the Message, you can change the Name Message, the context of Message, set the time for sending Message to customer.

You can design buttons go with the Message to redirect customers back to your website and finish the purchase with:
Button 1: Click Here - Link to product detail - Go to the product page
Button 2: Shop Now - Link to product detail - Go to check-out page/cart page.
Button 3: Contact Us - Link to the phone number or email, chat.

Auto button: Need Help, Thanks!, Unsubscribe which are the quick messages customers can choose to reply to. You can easily edit the text of messages.
(Please be noted that there is no action after customers click the button reply. They are just quick messages for customers to reply and they can reply manually if they want to give more details)

Step 3: Click to Save Settings and Enable the Status of the Message to complete the setup for the Message.

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