There are two ways to create a new pixel ID.
1. You can create on Events Manager from Facebook Business Manager
First go go to your Events Manager. Remember to switch into Business Account.

Select Connect Data Source tab.

Select the source you want to track by this pixel, then click Connect button.

With Set up Web Events, please select Connection method as Facebook Pixel, then click Connect button.

Set up the pixel name and website address, then select the Continue button.

At this step you can skip if you set up pixel on our app - Facebook Multi Pixels.

Finally, you can obtain pixel ID here so you can continue to set up other steps on our app.

2. Create pixel by Shopify Facebook Channel
You can also create pixel by using Shopify Facebook Channel.

First, go to Facebook channel dashboard and select setup with Facebook.

Then connect your Facebook account.

Connect step by step your Facebook Business Manager and your page as well as configure your domain. Then enable the customer sharing data option.

Next, Click to the Create Facebook Pixel in the "BEHAVIOUR WILL BE TRACKED WITH THIS PIXEL" session.

This is the new pixel you have created by Shopify Faceook Channel.

And this is the Pixel ID you need to acquire to set up on our app.

Don't forget to disconnect the pixel and turn off the customer data sharing option, so you can avoid the error "The Facebook pixel activated 2 times on this web page".
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