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When you setup your Facebook account in Facebook channel on Shopify, a Facebook pixel can be added, then you need to remove this pixel code on Shopify if you have added the same pixel ID in Facebook Multi Pixels app. If you don't remove the pixel code, then your store will have more than one pixel on it, which can result in duplicate or incorrect data in your reports.

There are 3 possibilities you added the pixel ID on Shopify, please check your case and remove it:

#1. You added same pixel ID in Shopify Facebook Channel.

There are two ways you can do around it:

Disconnect Facebook Pixel ID

Step 1: Go to your Shopify admin > Facebook > Continue setup

Step 2: Disconnect the pixel that is the same ID as our app

Step 3: Click Data sharing section and disable it

If you do not use the Facebook channel anymore, you can delete the app on your Shopify app store

Simply go to your Shopify admin > Apps > Click Delete button to remove the Facebook app from your store.

#2. You added same pixel ID in Shopify preference

Please go to Shopify Preference and check whether you are putting the same pixel ID there, if yes, please delete it.

#3. The pixel code is manually added into your theme or by another app

After removing, if you still see issues, please contact us at [email protected] or chat with us for support.

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