Facebook's reaction with IOS 14 release has caused some reporting limitations. Specifically, real-time reporting will not be supported, and data may be delayed up to 3 days.

Below information will help you to resolve this issue at some points, you can see your ad sales in Shopify reports instead of Facebook Ads Manager, from that you can have a data to decide increase or decrease the budget for your ads.

The first solution is using UTM Code Tracking
You need to add URL Parameters to Your Ads
This is the basic structure of UTM tracking:

Facebook suggest you to use dynamic URL parameters which provide an automated way to populate the values of your parameters


utm_source is your site source name which normally including:

Facebook (‘fb’)
Instagram (‘ig’)
Messenger (‘msg’)
The Audience Network (‘an’)

utm_campaign is your {{ adset.name }} or {{ campaign.name }}_{adset.name}}
utm_medium is the advertising or marketing medium, for example: cpc, banner, email newsletter.
utm_term is to identify paid search keywords:
If you're manually tagging paid keyword campaigns, you should also use utm_term to specify the keyword.**
utm_content is to differentiate similar content, or links within the same ad. it can be {{ ad.name }} or {{ ad.id }}
For example, if you have two call-to-action links within the same email message, you can use utm_content and set different values for each so you can tell which version is more effective.


At the Ad level, click Build a URL Parameter under Website URL.

Then enter custom or dynamic parameters here:

Then, in Shopify Analytics part, you can see the report for each parameters:
Shopify Admin > Reports > Manager Filters

Another solution is using Google Analytics as well

You still need to add URL Parameters to Your Ads.
Google Analytics can understand these code, you don't need to use ID in GA:

To view UTM report on Google Analytics, visit Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns.
Here you will see the campaigns that are bringing traffic to the website.
Go to All campaigns to see the results

The list you see is sorted by the Campaign names that you defined in the UTM Campaign.
Click on the Campaign name, you will see UTM Source/UTM Medium.
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