Step 1: There are 2 ways to set up an Add To Cart Widget

1: Go to the app ---> Widgets----> Add To Cart Widget

Go to the Dashboard ----> Widget Name ----> Add To Cart Widget

Step 2: In this window, you can see the dashboard

Text: You can edit the text to inform your customer that if they click to Send to Messenger, they will get a notification of your order updates via Facebook Messenger.

Subscribed text: You can edit the text to inform your customer that they will get a notification.

You can use the Size (Small, Medium, Large), Text color (White, Black), Align (Center, Left, Right) to design the Add to Cart Widget.

Noted: Smart Display

Once you turn this button on, Add to Cart Widget will only display for users who are logged into Facebook. It will never display with the customer in the Guest Mode on Facebook Messenger. If you want both customers and visitors to see the Add to Cart Widget, please turn it off.
Step 3: Click to Save Settings

You can enable the visibility of the Add to Cart Widget by switching on the Status in the Dashboard or Widgets.

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