A catalog is a container that holds all the items you want to advertise or sell on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find your catalog under the Catalog tab in Commerce Manager. You can choose from several different ways to add your items.
After you add items, you can view them in your catalog's Items tab and see the methods you used in the Data Sources tab. You'll need to continue managing items in your catalog the same way you added them.

If your inventory is small or medium and doesn't change often, the manual method is suitable for your store. Every time there is a change in your product, its price, or availability it has to be updated immediately.
There are two ways to upload the product manually: Use manual method or product feed template

First, go to Commerce Manager and create a new catalog/select ready catalog to input products
Select Items tab
Then click Add Items button

Add items using a manual form in Commerce Manager

Data Feed: Upload a spreadsheet file to add items in bulk

After finishing to upload your product catalog properly, you can fix the error catalog from pixel such as the pixel not pairing with catalog or missing product in the catalog.
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