Integrate App

In the Integrate App tab, you can configure your email and connect the app with Slack, Zapier or Twilio

1. Email settings
To make email sending/ receiving function working, you need to configure the email.

Step 1: Choose your type of email account and fill in the information.

For example:

Enter your email and app password, please note that the password is not your email password. This is the password generated by your account.

Step by step to generate the app password for some common email accounts.

Step 2: Click Next to send test email. If the system notices like this, you have configured email successfully

2. Connect with Slack
Connect to receive notifications in Slack when a new quote is requested.

Click Add to Slack button, grant the app right to access your workspace and choose the channel to send the information

3. Connect with Zapier and Twilio
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