Add to Cart Widget is a built-in utility with Facebook Messenger which allows customers to follow this product once it is purchased by clicking “Send to Message”. Order Status information will be sent to their Facebook Messenger.

It helps your customer now that it is easy to follow their order status proactively through Facebook messenger. In addition, every time a customer clicks to Add to Cart, our app will track this event as a subscription and report to the Dashboard that helps you know how many customers today follow your product on the website and send a message to increase the sale.

In the Dashboard, you will see the Revenue after running campaigns (Abandoned Cart Campaign, Product Abandonment,...) that are sent to customers’ Facebook Messenger.
Revenue is recorded per day and shown in the current month.

Impression: Widget Impressions to customers in the front store. It is counted when customers visit your website and the widget is visible.
Click: Number of times customers click on Widget Icon.
Click-rate: The rate of ​​Click/Impression

Sent: Number of messages sent to customers from the campaign.
Open - Rate: Open rate of messages sent from the campaign. It is calculated by the number of times the customer opens the message/the number of messages sent from the campaign.
Data will be saved within 3 months and the default data filtered within 7 days in the calendar.

Facebook Messenger Chat Button

You can enable the visibility of the Chat Button/Icon by switching on the Status

To edit the Setting of the Facebook Messenger Chat Button and see the preview on your front store, you can click on the button in the Action.

Add to Cart Widget

Text: You can edit the text to inform your customer that if they click to Send to Messenger, they will get a notification of your order updates via Facebook Messenger.

Subscribed text: You can edit the text to inform your customer that they will get a notification.

You can use the Size (Small, Medium, Large), Text color (White, Black), Align (Center, Left, Right) to design the Add to Cart Widget.

Noted: Smart Display

Once you turn this button on, Add to Cart Widget will only display for users who are logged into Facebook. It will never display with the customer in the Guest Mode on Facebook Messenger. If you want both customers and visitors to see the Add to Cart Widget, please turn it off.
You can enable the visibility of the Add to Cart Widget by switching on the Status in the Dashboard or Widgets.

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