This feature helps you sending Shipping Updates to your customer after they completed their purchase on your website.

How to set up Shipping Notice feature

Step 1:

Go to the app --> Campaign -> Shipping Notice and turn the this button ON

Step 2:

2.1. Setup in the Storefront

You can design how it looks at the Check-out page with a preview besides for the best check

Noted: Section display only works well with the Shopify default theme. If you are currently using a special theme/layout or page builder, please contact our Support Team to get it fixed quickly.

2.2. Delivery Status

You can design the message of Shipping Information to send to your customer.

Noted: * {{ !!tracking_summary!! }} is one of the Delivery Statuses: Infor Received, In transit, Out for Delivery, Fail Attempt, Delivered
Each status will be sent a corresponding message via FB messenger.
To avoid spam your customer Messenger, please choose the right ones that matched your needs.

And do not forget to turn this button ON to activate this function.

Here is our tutorial video that helps you understand how this feature works on your end.

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