This is the new feature that helps you collect Messenger’s account from your customers to send messages about product status and other campaigns (Abandoned Cart Campaign, etc.
How to set up a Welcome Pop-up
There are 2 ways to set up (turn ON or OFF, edit)

In the Dashboard: Widget Name ---> Welcome Pop-up

In the Widgets:

There are 2 section you can check:
Front Settings: How the Welcome Message pop-up on your front store.
Messenger Settings: How the Welcome Message shows on the Messenger.

You can set Welcome Message with the text:

If you want to set up Welcome with discount code. Please turn on the button:

Welcome Message with the text
Logo: If your online store has the logo for the brand, you can add it on the Welcome Pop-up Message.

Background: You can change the color of the background or add the image on the Welcome Pop-up Message.

In this section, you can change the Top heading text, Heading highlight text, Bottom heading text, Call to action text, Call to action shape, Description text and choose the color and background as your expectations.

Call to action shape: There are 3 options for you to choose:

Once your customer visits your website, the Welcome Message will pop-up.
And you can set up the time to show Pop-up after …. second(s)/minute(s) they visit your website.
And select the page you want to show the Pop-up Message and the position of the Message.

Message Settings
Here this place you can design the text to send to your customer after they subscribed your store.

How far will my customers receive the discount from pop-up welcome discount code?

If the customer and your store have started a conversation, before clicking the discount button, then the customer will receive the discount button right away

If the customer and your store have not started a conversation yet, you must do the corresponding settings on your end from your Facebook page to show the "Get started" button, so this way our app can capture the event to send the discount code.
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