Occasionally, you may notice a red error warning on top of your Facebook Ads Manager , such as this:

It turns out that this can be triggered by totally typical activity, with nothing wrong with your pixel setup.
If you go to the Events Manager as suggested by the notification, you could get this message: "Redundant Purchase Event." There is a link to "Affected URLs" on the page.

Click that and look at the URLs - each one will open in a new tab:

The four thank_you pages that appear in this example indicate four distinct transactions made by the same client. So far, everything is running smoothly and normally.

Note that if you're using an upsell funnel software like OCU or Carthook, this issue is anticipated because any upsell or downsell conversions would generate extra Purchase events.

Recommended action: At the bottom of the message, click the "Mark as Resolved" button.

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