Quote Form

In this section, you can design the Pop-up Form for customers to fill their information.

You can add more available fields with the preview next to the Form Field for the best check.

Please be noted that:
If you want customer doesn’t have to fill information with the next quotation, you can check the Default Value option:
The customer has an account on your store and logged in, our app will detect the value that you choose and auto display it at the quote form.

Quote Table

This section helps you customize how the Quote Table looks with the preview next to it:

If you checked the Hide Price option in Product and Collection before, please make sure that you will check these options in the Quote Table -> Popup Table Settings

Notification dialog: if you choose this option, it will show the popup like below when customer clicks the add to quote button.

Quote form dialog: if you choose this option, it will show your quote form when customer click add to quote button.


Redirect after submitting

After the customer submitted a quote, there is a notification pop-up, it directs them to the page link you checked.

Redirect after continue

This is the button for Continue
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