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Popup Settings

Quote Form

In this section, you can design the Pop-up Form for customers to fill their information.

You can add more available fields with the preview next to the Form Field for the best check.

Please be noted that:
If you want customer doesn’t have to fill information with the next quotation, you can check the Default Value option:
The customer has an account on your store and logged in, our app will detect the value that you choose and auto display it at the quote form.

- Display quote form view:
You have 2 options for the form view:
1: Pop up
2: Page View


Page View:

If you choose this option, please don't forget to check this option in Advanced Settings:

Quote Table

This section helps you customize how the Quote Table looks with the preview next to it:

If you checked the Hide Price option in Product and Collection before, please make sure that you will check these options in the Quote Table -> Popup Table Settings

Notification dialog: if you choose this option, it will show the popup like below when customer clicks the add to quote button.

Quote form dialog: if you choose this option, it will show your quote form when customer click add to quote button.


Redirect after submitting

It will redirect to the specific page after customers submit a quote request successfully.

Redirect after continue

This is the button for Continue

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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