💡If the violation warning has been giving you headaches? Worries no more, we have found a solution for this, deployed the fix.

Long story short: If you’re a Shopify business sending events to FB for your FB ads, your URL parameters may look something like this:

There’s almost always a VARIANT ID parameter at the end of such URLs when it comes to View Content, Add to Cart events.

And the irony here is that those 13-digit IDs sometimes resemble a credit card ID to identify the type (learn more). Facebook obviously sees this as PII (sensitive financial info) chopped them off their system in an effort to protect user privacy.

How bad is it?

All the events that contain what FB deems as PII will be affected. That means if you might be losing hidden money if you’re optimizing your ads for those events or rely on custom audience created out of those events (e.g. view content but haven’t added to cart), even if after all effort setting up all the browser & server events.


We hide the variant IDs in the URLs! Events can still be sent for properly functioning without the variant ID in the URL. Those numbers are still present in the content_id so no need to worry about your DPA ads.

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