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Pricing and Refund Policy

Pricing Policy

We're having 2 options for payment plan:


Yearly ( You can SAVE 20% with yearly charge)

Please be noted that the discount code is generated and applied specifically for a plan. If you get a discount code for Starter plan. you can not use it for Enterprise plan.

Refund Plan

With Yearly Plan, if you want to get a refund after only using a few months, we will issue the refund after taking a credit for the real months you used without discount code and based on the monthly price.
For example: You choose the Yearly plan at $76.70 but after 2 months, you want to get a refund. We will keep 2 months of use at the monthly price: $7.99 /month and refund the rest amount.

If you have any questions about the Pricing and Refund Policy, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]. We're here to support you anytime.

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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