First off, let’s say that this is not uncommon, but we work hard to assure that everything is functioning properly from our end. Omega captures and sends events to Facebook & those events will show up in your Event Manager, not Ads Manager.

Here’s how you can help us ensure that we’ve done our job:

Filter your Event Manager data for a certain day
Compare the data with what’s showing under the Analytics tab in our app
Let us know if there’s a huge discrepancy

As much as we understand you want to see attributed purchase events in your Ads report (under Ads Manager), we, unfortunately, don’t control this part. Once they receive the events from us, Facebook will work on the matching & attribution process. How and when Facebook chooses to display the attributed events is hard to predict but normally there could be a delay of up to 72 hours.

Whatever the case, just contact us if anything seems wrong. We’d be happy to help you to the best of our capability.

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