1. Edit a quote

Edit a quote
Create an offer
Quote status
Quote timeline

* Edit quote
When you click the “View” button from the quote list, you can edit the quote by:

- Adjusting the product price and quantity or removing product

- Adding more products by selecting available products or searching for the name of the product because the list will not show up all products on your store.

- Setting an expired date for the quote

After editing, you can resend the email to your customers by click “New Message” button:

Create an offer
This function is to convert the quote into a draft order once the deal between you and the customer is agreed.

Go to the quote that you want to convert, click “Create offer” button:

From this part, it will be taken care of by the Shopify system. This quote then will appear on Drafts order on Shopify admin, at the same time, an email invoice will be sent to your customers so that they can complete the purchase.

After you created an offer, the quote will display “View Draft Order” text and the draft order’s information:

Email invoice: when you would like to resend the invoice to the customers.

Create PDF invoice: create invoice under PDF file

* Quote status
Inside the quote, you can:

- Mark the quote as unread: to unread the quote you have clicked on

- Mark the quote as purchased: customer has completed the purchase.

Quote timeline
This section shows what you have done with this quote. You can add comments to note your discussion with your customers.

2. Delete a quote
You can delete any quotes by clicking on Delete at Quote list tab

Or from the quote itself:

When you choose to delete, there will appear a popup to confirm or you can move it to draft.

The quote in draft will be removed after 60 days, you can restore it at anytime by going to Draft Quote tab

3. Cancel a quote
To cancel a quote, simply click the Cancel quote button inside the quote:

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