In order to see the list of quotes, go to “Quote list” tab

After your customer submits a request for quote form, new quote will be appeared in Quote List section on Request a Quote app admin:

In the Search field, you can type Quote ID to find the quote you want.

There are 4 statuses of quotes that you can see:

New: show up new quotes
Read: show up quotes that has been read
Purchased: show up quotes that have been purchased
Cancelled: show up quotes that have been cancelled.

Logs: If you have configured your email, once customers submit their request, an email will be sent to the customers. “Logs” will inform whether this email has been sent successfully or not. If not, it will show the red error message.
“Send email successful”

Red error message

If you encounter the error, please check again your email settings (username, app password, smtp, port) at the Email Template or try testing your account in Outlook.
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