Directly go to this link: Related Products by Tag click the Add App button to install the app. Remember to login to your store first.

Choose your published theme then click Install & Continue button to integrate this theme with the app.

After having installed the app and approved the monthly plan, you will be redirected to an initial settings page. Please wait a bit for the application to retrieve data from your store. Below is the interface you will see after the installation process is completed.

Note: If you have finished installing but either the app does not show up in the Apps section or the installation failed, please contact us immediately through [email protected] to get help as soon as possible.


To uninstall the app, go to your admin page >> Apps.

You could leave us a feedback so that we can improve our service, features or anything that unsatisfied you.

After having Related Products By Tag uninstalled, all of the app’s data of your store will be deleted and you will be charged again if you reinstall it. So before you decide to remove Related Product By Tags, please make sure there are no other options or solutions our support team can draw for you.


1. General settings

Go to General Settings tab to make the necessary set up for the app.

If you want to change to another theme for the app to work, choose your theme then click the "**Install**" button to integrate this theme with the app.

2. Related products

When you import products to your store, Shopify will automatically tag your products with suitable tags. If you want to change any product’s tag, you can go to Admin > Product.

Our app will identify those tags, put the products which have the same tag into related products section and display it on the product page whenever a customer views any product.

Main Settings Related

Choose the Enable/Disable App button in the Enable App section to enable or disable the app for Related Products. If you choose to disable the app, all created settings will be paused until you enable the app again.

There are 4 options for you to choose for related products, Tags type request you for further settings.

To manage the display of your related products list, choose one of the option in Choose rule of tags bar:

All tag rules: check all products that match the tags in selected tags or prefix or suffix of the tags to show.

Only show selected tags: check all products that only match with the selected tags and show Only show Prefix/Suffix tags: check all products that match only with prefix. Suffix and show.

Display Settings

There are various options for you to choose to display your related products list.

Advance Settings

In this section, you can have the option to open the related products in a new tab or show the “add to cart” button at related products and do some custom CSS if you have knowledge about this.

Remember to click the Save button to save all your settings.


This part helps you to overview your settings and see how it looks in your store. Please note that it will look different on different themes and it’s better to see how it works outside your store.

Customize instructions

Related products position

We already provide you with 4 most common options to display related products in Position bar: Under "Add to cart" button, Under Product Title, Under Product Price, Under Product Description.

But if you want to put it somewhere else, you need some knowledge about html. By adding position class or id in the place you want, the related products section will be shown exactly where you want.

However, as this requires particular knowledge about coding, we suggest you contact us to receive support if you need to customize the position.

Related products item position
When you choose tag(s) in List Tags Show bar, you will see a code under the tags, for example: <div class="ot-viewed-tags-selected" data-tags-related="foundation, lace" limit-items="10" items-per-row="3"></div>

This is a code for you to set up a custom position for your related products item. You can change the value of these variants as you wish:

data-tags-related: the tags chosen
limit-items: maximum number of displayed items
items-per-row: number of displayed items per row
Copy the code, open Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code and paste the code anywhere you want to show related products.

For example, if you want to put it on your Home page, open Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code > theme.liquid and paste it anywhere you want to show it. And here's what you might get:

3. Bought Together

After finish setting on Related Products, switch to Bought Together tab to set up:

Import Data

If you have a long list of products you want to set up Bought Together,, it’s better to import the data rather than creating manually.

Before importing the data to the app, please check the sample first and it is strongly recommended to split into small files for better debug.

The template will look like this along with the instructions sheet to check.

On the other hand, you can add manually by clicking New Bought Together button:

Select a category in Type of Rule bar.

- If you choose Product as type of rule, in the View Rule section you can browse for a product you want to add Bought Together to. After selecting a product, the app will automatically show you 2 subsections to add Bought Together products:

- If you select other rules (Collection, Type of Product, Vendor or Tag), the Bought Together section will show products of the same collection, type, vendor or tag as the current product that customer is viewing.

#Note: Some stores have a large number of items, which would be hard and time-wasted for owners to scroll down that long list, so you can search for items by their name.

After you save a bought together group, it will appear when customers click to see the main product that you chose like an example below:

General Settings

In this part, you can enable/disable the Bought Together option which won’t affect the display of Related Products settings

The setting details are shown below:

Setting Text Price Box

This change of setting will be show like this on your store:

Please note to click the Save button to save all your settings.

4. Bulk Edit

This part allows you to edit products that match all or one of the conditions you set.

Step 1: Find products by conditions

Step 2: Choose selected products

Step 3: Preview selected products

Choose an option to change for the products, the action will be shown accordingly.

Remember to click the Start bulk edit button to proceed.

If you have any problem in using Related Products by Tags, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], our support team will make sure your problem is solved as soon as possible.
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