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Request a Quote - FAQs

A - Quote Button.

1. Quote Button’s display seems wrong
Quote Button does not match with other buttons on your website
Duplicated Quote Button
The mobile version of Quote Button is different from the PC version.

→ Due to the special layouts or themes, our app needs to customize to fit with theme. Please reach out to us via [email protected] or live chat. We’re more than happy to help you.
2. Why do I still see the Add To Cart Button glitches for a few seconds after reloading the page?

→ Add To Cart Button is a function of Shopify so our app can not control 100% and hide it completely if you do not fix it in your theme code. Just leave us a message via live chat or our email: [email protected] to get our support quickly.

3. Why can't I see the Quote Button in the product page?

→ Please go to the app and check the position of the Quote Button. Please make sure that if you set “Under Add To Cart Button, the Add to Cart Button must be available on your product page.

4. Can I change the text from Add to Quote into Request a Quote?

→ Yes, you can. Please go to the app → Quote Settings → View & Button

B - Hide Prices.

1. Why do I still see the price even if I checked the Hide Price option?

→ Due to the theme and layout, our app might not be compatible with all. Please reach out to our support team via Live Chat to get this issue resolved.

2. Why do I still see the price in the Quote Pop-Up form?

→ Please check if you have deselected this option in Pop-up Settings

5. Can we show the Quote Button in the Quick View/ Quick Purchase/ Related Product?

→ Yes, we can support customizing the Quote Button in the Quick View/ Quick Purchase/ Related Product. However, this service is only available for Enterprise Plan.

C- Quote Request Form.

1. I want to connect the request to the account registered/logged-in so they don't need to write their information for each request.

→ Please go to Form Field and select the option Default Value

2. I want to set the min and max for the phone number but it seems not to work with Number selection?

→ Number is just designed for "number" not for "phone number". Highly recommend you use Text Input instead of Number.

D - Email Settings

1. Why can't I or the customer receive any notifications of the quote?

→ Please make sure you have configured your email with our app.
(Settings —> Notification & Template—>Email Settings & Integrate —> Connect your email).

2. Can I send notifications for more than one email/admin?

→ Yes, indeed you can. Simply enter the emails here, and separate them with a commas

Updated on: 14/10/2022

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