Show RFQ app in page: If this option is checked, you can set up a separate quote page in the menu with this link <your Shopify store URL>/apps/request-a-quote

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Tracking product from source: allows sellers to track where did your customers find your products from and send a request for quotes.

If you enable, it will appear in the quote request as below:

* Choose page to show app:

- Product page
It will show the app in the product page by default with the rules you have set in the “Product rule” tab:

- Cart page: display request a quote app function at the cart page.

When you enable this option, the add to quote will not show at the product page, it will run on the cart page instead.

When you add a product (that in the quote product rule) into cart, it will show up a message in the cart, like below:

When you click the checkout button, for the products in the quote list, it will show up the quote form for customers to fill in and submit, then they can do checkout for other products as normal.

Submit quote include product(s) not in product rule: for manual or automate option in the product rule tab, there are some products that will not apply request for quote function, if you enable this option, it will submit the quote request for products that are not in the rule as well.

* Choose PDF invoice template
After creating a quote draft order, you can create one PDF invoice to send to your customers.

You can change and choose 1 from 3 existing templates of the PDF invoice. In the template, the existing short codes can be replaced with either the store information, invoice, product list or expiry day.

Custom CSS: to customize the style of Add to Quote button

Please remember to click Save to save the changes you made in settings.
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