* Automatically create draft order

Automatically create a draft order and send email invoice to customer after they submit their request.

* Data sychronzation with Shopify Customers
Note: If you want to use this option, please click here to update permission for the app. You must design your form including the Email field to create new customers.

* Show viewed product list
Show all products which viewed by customers before adding to quote

* Show RFQ app in page
If this option is checked, you can set up a separate quote page in the menu with this link** <your Shopify store URL>/apps/request-a-quote**

Please be noted to follow this document if you want to create and show Request a Quote Page in the Menu Bar
Show Request For a Quote app in page

* Tracking UTM source
Save all UTM source from products and show in view quote so you can know exactly how customers found your products.
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