1. Automatically create draft order
Automatically create a draft order and send email invoice to customer after they submit their request.

2. Data synchronization with Shopify Customers
Note: If you want to use this option, please click here to update permission for the app. You must design your form including the Email field to create new customers.

3. Show viewed product list
Show all products which viewed by customers before adding to quote

4. Show RFQ app in page
If this option is checked, you can set up a separate quote page in the menu with this link** <your Shopify store URL>/apps/request-a-quote**

Please be noted to follow this document if you want to create and show Request a Quote Page in the Menu Bar
Show Request For a Quote app in page

5. Tracking UTM source
Save all UTM source from products and show in view quote so you can know exactly how customers found your products.
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