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Request For a Quote - display on collection page

Please be noted that you turned on Embed App in Theme Settings.

Please check this document: Embed Request a Quote - Hide Prices app in Shopify new theme version)

Case 1.

Next, adjust the number same as collection products per page on your website.

For example: If your Collection Page has 24 products per page, please choose the number 24.

Finally, Do not forget to check this settings of the app:
Quote Settings -> View & Button -> View on collection page -> Enable RFQ in collections

If you completed Case 1 but the Quote Button is not working/showing on the collection, please move to Case 2 below

Case 2.

Step 1: Go to Online Store > Live theme > Actions > Edit code

Step 2: Find collection snippet liquid file, such as: product-card-grid.liquid, product-card-list.liquid... (depending on display setting on your collection)
Then paste this code <div class="omgrfq-collection-button" data-product-id="{{ }}" ></div> where you want to show RFQ button.

Please note you need to add the code to make the settings work on the collection page. If you need support in adding the code to your theme, please grant us access by sending us a staff account invitation to email: [email protected] and reach out. We're willing to help you resolve it.

Step 3: Please contact our support if the app doesn't work or you have difficulty in finding and adding code into your theme.

Updated on: 25/10/2022

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