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Request For a Quote - Salesman Account

Salesman Account

This part allows you to create salesman accounts to generate quote request traffic.

Create an account
Enable/ disable account
Edit an account
Delete an account

1. Create an account

Step 1: Click on Create Salesman account

Step 2: Enter information of the salesperson (email/phone number/name)

You do not have to enter all details, but email is compulsory so that your salesman can receive email notification of quote requests that are assigned to them.

Give permissions to your salesman:

Full permissions: the salesman will have full access to do with quote requests as an admin
Edit permissions: the salesman is able to edit the quote requested by the right that admin assigns (create quotes, update quotes or/and delete quotes)
Please make sure that you enable the salesman's account. If you disable, the salesman will not receive the notification.

Step 3: Click Create account to finish.

2. Enable/ disable account

At “Salesman account” tab, you can see the list of emails you have created. Click enable/ disable button to disable/enable account.

Or you can go into an account to enable/ disable using Edit function

3. Edit an account

You can edit any accounts by clicking on the Edit icon

Salesman History: Show what your salesman members has done with action and timeline

4. Delete an account

You can delete any accounts by clicking on the Delete icon

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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