Show Request For a Quote app in page
If you would like to let the customer enter the products manually into the quote, you can use this function to create a separate page to apply request a quote app.

Go to app admin --> Settings --> Advanced settings --> Show RFQ app in page

After choose the option and save the setting, you can create a manual quote page by linking your store URL with /apps/request-a-quote

For example:

In live store:

Let customers search for product they would like to request a quote:

Products can be search by product title or product SKU

Then, enter the required information and submit the request.

How to show a separate quote page in the menu
Step 1: Go to your Shopify admin and choose Navigation

Step 2: Choose the menu you would like to show quote page

Step 3: Choose "Add menu item", name the page and paste the quote link:

Click Add and Save menu, then the quote page will appear at your chosen menu

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