How do I pay for app cost?
You pay through Shopify Payment. We don't accept other payment gateway.

Do I have to pay for orders I've submitted tracking before?
We understand that submitting tracking for orders took a lot of your time. It's really pain work, so let the application do this for you. You can select range of days to submit tracking, if there are some duplication, it would be resubmitted by application.

How is my subscription calculated by time?
You will pay monthly when you activate the subscription. But orders will be counted from the 1st to the 31st of the month.

What happens when my credit are used up?
We will pause submitting the tracking info to Paypal for new orders to the end of the month. These orders…

I want to know how the app will work before paying for the subscription?
Of course, we have a Free package that helps you submit 100 orders a month for a lifetime. Give it a try.

How much does Shopify - Add paypal tracking auto cost?
The installation is free. We also offered a FREE Subscription for starting sellers which have lower 100 tracking need to submit to Paypal monthly. We also have other subscriptions plan which is monthly charging to your Shopify payment. We offer 20% discount for those pay subscription annually. No hidden fee.
Please refer to our pricing table to find out more

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