Developer Mode is an implementation method for the TikTok Pixel that provides flexibility for event configuration, allows advertisers to send parameters in addition to events, and is required for other TikTok products including web-based Advanced Matching and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) retargeting. With the additional parameter data, advertisers can also access additional metrics like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Create pixel on Event Manager with developer mode
1.1 Create pixel on Event Manager
Log in to TikTok Ads Manager, click 'Events' under 'Assets', and click 'Create Pixel'
Enter the pixel name, select 'Manually install pixel code' and click 'Next'

1.2 Choose developer mode
Select 'Developer Mode' and click 'Next'

Install pixel code
2.1 Overview
Once you select Developer Mode, you will see a page composed of 3 components: pixel base code, pixel event code, and Pixel Helper. Installation of both the pixel base code and event code is required to successfully configure the pixel. Pixel Helper is a Chrome extension that can help you verify and troubleshoot pixel installation by checking for errors and providing implementation recommendations for your website.

You need to enable this advanced matching, it's basically you need it because we will send user parameters from the server to increase the match quality of TikTok events API.

Besides, make sure that these two are enabled and click 'Confirm' and it will take you to the pixel details page.

Please click copy to take the pixel then paste in our app.
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