Sometime you notice that the Event Match Quality score is really low, why is that?

The low score of Event Match Quality is because the matching data between the server and Facebook is low, we recommend you to turn on all parameters in our app settings

What is Event Match Quality?

To be specific, Event Match Quality indicates how effective the customer information sent from your server may be at matching event instances to a Facebook account. High-quality event matching may improve ad attribution and performance. This metric is in development and is expected to see a very low score for the most common events, like Page View, or View Content. These are events triggered by virtually any website visitor. For these events is very hard to send really useful customer information, like name, email, or address.

Events that are usually triggered by logged-in users will see a better score. The Purchase event should score higher. That’s because at this point we have access to some real data about the person triggering the events. However, even for these high-performance events, the match quality won’t be super high. Most of the time there are differences between what data we use on a personal Facebook account and in an online store. And these scores will change as always and won't be fixed which affects your retargeting, so please not worry about this score.

And below will be some sharing that we would like you to know which parameters that our app is collecting and sending to Facebook that help Facebook detect this score:

Facebook will require some key information (parameters) such as IP, and user agent... to help Facebook grant the score

The rest of the information will not be required such as first name, last name, country, phone, email,...

The more data get sent, the more points will be increased, each information sent will increase from 0.5 - to 1 point

For Events: PageView, ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, there will be 2 important cases as follows:

Customers who have not made a purchase: These events will only be sent to the IP and user agent

Customers who have purchased and returned to the store: These events will be sent with all the customer's information, which our app got when the customer made a purchase (first name, last name, country, phone, email, user agent, ip)

In short, our app will send all the maximum information that the app can obtain from Shopify and if the old customer has purchased and returned to the store, the event matching point will be increased more, so the point reduction is not because our app is sending not enough parameters or not sending any parameters that make Facebook can not match the data that the pixel provides.
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