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✸ Link to install app :

After installing the app, you need to add the code <div class="ot-google-reviews"></div> to where you want to show google reviews.

Example: If you want to show google review in footer section

Step 1 : Go to your Online Store > Theme > choose Action > then Edit code.
Image add code for google review

Step 2 : You can copy the code above and paste it anywhere you want the reviews to be displayed then click Save. For example here, I copied and pasted it in theme.liquid
Add code in theme.liquid

After you saved, it will be displayed at the matching place in the footer, for example:
Google review display in top footer


1. Google config

- You need get your google API key by following these steps:

1. Go to Google Places API
2. Find the topic 'If you are using the standard Google Places API Web Service' and click 'GET A KEY' button
3. Agree to the terms and click 'CREATE AND ENABLE API'
4. Copy & paste generated key to the field
5. Click Save button.

Add Location

In the field Add Location, enter the place you want to get reviews from, click Add Location buttons to complete the process.


Compared with the older version where you can only add one location, the updated version can find reviews from multiple locations.

Click on the location you want to display. Then copy the code below and paste it into the place you want your reviews to be displayed.

Google Reviews allows you to have one primary location. Therefore, if you have many stores, you can add your stores to the list and choose one to be a primary location.

After the location is primary set, click the Write Review outside to redirect to the write review link of that location.

For instance, if you choose Omegatheme as your primary location, when click on Write Review it will immediately redirect to the review link of Omegatheme location.

- Set up Primary Location

- Click the Write Review button:

- Redirect to Write Review page:

What if I can not use API or my location is not available?

In this case, you can directly use google maps link in the app.

Step 1: Go to page, enter your address to find its position on map.

Step 2:. Scroll down to view the reviews of the chosen place. Choose Review section or See All Reviews to move to Review page.

Step 3: Copy page URL

Step 4: Go back to your admin store and paste the URL link you copied into the blank field, then it will be displayed along with other locations searched by ID.****

Note: Similar to Location by ID, you can also add multiple Location by link

Select Review

Businesses with both storefront and service area locations will also be able to select and set up review for each location separately, which should make it easier for customers to find the right location.

There are more settings in Select Preview and Setting & Preview layout sections for you to apply to your store:********

Settings & Preview Layout


I. Use "Add section" in Shopify Customize

Step 1: From your Google Review admin store, click Online Store > Themes > Customize

Step 2: In Sections tab, choose Add Section****

Step 3: Click Add Google Reviews > Save

II. Add code to your theme

<div class="ot-google-reviews"></div>

Click Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code and paste the code anywhere you want the reviews to appear. This method requires knowledge in HTML, should you need any help please visit our app document, or directly contact us for further support.
Feel free to customize displayed information with many layouts. Especially if you want to display 2 or more layouts in one page then you can add <div class="ot-google-reviews" data-view="IDLAYOUT"></div> IDLAYOUT there

In navigation, the website will display all layouts demo. You can consult and choose a suitable layout for your website.

Each layout shows different kind of avatar, limit, review and language.

If you are happy with the result, please write us an good review on . If it doesn't work or in case you have any problem while using Google Reviews, please contact [email protected] and our support team will assist you in the shortest time

Updated on: 11/06/2021

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