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How to add discount rule for products?

The order of prioritized rules is: Variant' rules => Product' rules => Collection' rules => Overall rules.
If a product’s variant already has its own rule, then that product’s rule won't be applied anymore.
The main table lists all the products on your store (include the set rule ones and not set rule ones)

Applied on the ''No rule'' products, please click the ''Add rule'' button to add a new rule for a product. Click SAVE afterwards.
Applied on the ''Active'' products, please click the pen button to edit the rule. Click SAVE afterwards.

Set Schedule: turn it on if you want to discount a product in a period of time

This is a period of time when the rule is activated. Out of this period of the schedule, the rule won’t display on the product’s page anymore. Then the status of the rule will be ‘’inactive’’.

Please be noted that the rule can be set by percentage price, discounted amount money and fixed unit price.

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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