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Product videos Tutorial

This is documentation in Product Videos on Omega application, which will help you install and configure your app right.

* App configure Tutorial
* How to use Product Related Videos app?
* How to add videos for product/collection?
* How to edit/delete existed videos?
* How to add videos to pages?
* How to add video for store’s background?
* Can your store get a trial extension?
* How does the trial system work?
* Video Settings

1. How to use Product Related Videos app?
Go to product template liquid. Embed code <div class="ot-related-videos"></div> under product's description like this:

or under product's content block:

or you can add this code in specific product's content:

2. How to add videos for product/collection?
Go to Add Video tab

Step 1: Enter youtube url or vimeo url
Step 2:

- Choose products in Assign for products
- Or choose collections in Assign for collections
- Or checked Show on all products to add add video for all products.

The video will be displayed on all product/collection pages you picked.

Step 3: Click Save to save video

After that the video you saved will be displayed on product page like below

3. How to edit/delete existed videos?
Go to tab List Videos

Step 1: Click Edit to edit for video (or Click Remove to remove video).
Step 2: Enter new information for that video or confirm to delete video.
Step 3: Click Save to update video

To remove videos, click Remove => Confirm Remove

4. How to add videos to pages?
Go to* List Videos** tab, tick the squares next to each video you want to embed into your page, a code will then appear on the right side for you to copy

Next, go to DOCUMENT tab > How to use Product Related Videos app Go to product template liquid and you will be redirected to add code section.

For example, I want to add 3 videos under product picture. After adding the code, the videos will be displayed as below:

5. How to add video for store’s background?
With our latest update, you can now add video background to your store’s site, just by some simple steps below.

Step 1: Open tab Video Background => Add Video Background button
Step 2: Select a video Url.

If you do not have any videos in the assets directory of the theme. Please follow the steps below.

Step 3: Select the page and position display background video:

Video can be displayed as full page, a section on page or to replace an element on page. Specially, when you click to choose each type of video display, you can see a small description line under the bar that tells you how each type works on your page.

Step 4: Click Save to finish.

For example, I want to add a video background to my Homepage, with full page view:

If you’d rather set a video as the background of a section or the replace of an element on your whole page, it would require more complicated settings.

Please send us an email to [email protected] or contact us directly through our Facebook page to receive immediate support on this setting.

6. Can your store get a trial extension?

We are sorry to say that there's no easy way to extend your trial, as standard Shopify trial system is not prepared to deal with trial extensions. However, we strongly believe our trial period is proper for shop owners to experience our great service and test our in-app system.

7. How does the trial system work?

When you install our app for the first time, you can use it free of charge of a period of time (the trial period). The trial period only available once for each store. If the trial period were available every time the app is installed, a store could uninstall and re-install the app many times to use the app for free forever. Our Order Tagger app has a trial period of 14 days. You can re-install the app as many times as you want within those 14 days and you will not be charged.

8. Video Settings

With Product’s video:

Go to Settings tab > General Settings section

You can customize videos section with 6 different layouts, 6 different display positions

Set parameter of the main video with video width and video height.

With our new update, you can also adjust the width and height of lightbox video:

When your customers click onto the videos in Related Videos section, a lightbox will pop up. You can adjust video’s height and width the way you want:

In our latest update, you can do more than just ‘add’ related videos to your page. In fact, now you could increase customer awareness and raise engagement by a tool called “ Show pinned video” in Settings tab > General Settings:

The way it works is similar to videos on Facebook as well as many other platforms nowadays, which indicates that if customer are playing videos but then scroll away from it, the video is automatically downsize to a smaller, pinned version that displayed on a custom position on the screen:

This helps customers to seek for more information below while still able to watch or listen to the video playing.

You can customize where and how the pinned video is displayed in the section below:

You can change the width. height and position of the pinned video. We offer you 4 different positions to put the small video: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right. You can also customize the position in the Custom Css section, but this would require knowledge about HTML, Css.

Click Save to finish editing.

Note: This small version can only be displayed when your layout setting is Video on Top, Video on Left, Video on Right or Mixed Video with product’s images

With Page’s video:
Go to Settings tab > Video in Page Settings**** section.

You can choose either to show videos in 2 ways: Video on top or Slide then adjust video’s parameter.

Advanced Settings for product’s videos:
Go to Settings tab > Products Settings

Click Add layout for products and a setting board will pop-up

Here you can customize how videos on product page will be displayed. Plus, beside 5 different default display places, you can decide your own display place by copying the red code then add it anywhere you want in Product template liquid

Click Save to finish.

Updated on: 27/05/2021

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