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Display settings

Move on to the next tab, Display Settings to set the delivery date field on the cart page.


Under the Date Input section, you can set the required delivery date that your customers have to choose before checking out. When you disable, it will allow your customer to checkout without choosing a delivery date.

Choose the format of calendar to show on the checkout page, either “Calendar” or “Date list”. For instance, when you choose “Calendar”, the date format will be displaying like this:

Timezone: is the section that you can choose to pick the time and display calendar. You can either choose "Default customer timezone" or your timezone.

Default customer timezone means that the calendar displayed at the cart page will be based on the customer's time. It is suitable for merchants who sell cross countries and can work 24/24.
When you choose a single timezone, our app will base on that and convert time to show calendar to customers.


Under this section, adjust your calendar outlook that suits your preference. It's simple to customize the calendar theme, languages, color scheme.
Always show and Hide input affect the delivery date that is displaying on your store. Specifically, when activate Always show, the calendar will display as soon as when someone enters the product page. When the Hide input button is switched on, the date column is not going to show on your store.

⭐️Display Position

Display Position offers you 2 options on the cart page where you can choose either above or below checkout button. As you can see from the example below, that is how your cart page will display on your store if you choose “*above checkout button**”.


If you want to customize the message associates with each of the field on your cart page, please edit the information in the Text section:

The Notification Text will be shown when your customers enters the checkout page but then back to the cart page. The purpose is letting your customers to change the delivery date if they are uncertain.

⭐️Order attributes

These features are invisible to your customers, but it is easier for you to find your products in the Product or Order sections in your Shopify admin.


You can custom your store by using the Advance section. However, CSS3 knowledge is required to do so.
Applying CSS3 to the interface helps the website run faster, because there are many layout templates that you can use CSS to design instead of using the background that takes a lot of resources to store and download.
Here's an example of a customized coding text

Updated on: 11/06/2021

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