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General Settings for Delivery Date

After installing Delivery Date app you be redirected to General Setting tab:

You can enable or disable app by switching the Enable slider in the App section.
Display Settings and Custom Rules are for displaying your delivery date information. The chosen panel can be configured in the next tab.
Display Setting will help you set your date format and display information
Custom Rules will custom delivery rules for some special products.


⭐️Date Setting Section

Minimum days indicate the number of days you need to prepare the goods and be ready to ship.
Maximum days indicate the number of days it takes to ship the goods from warehouse to your customers.
You can also choose a Date format that you want to show in the format section, this date format also appears at the tag section on Shopify order.

⭐️Time Slot:

There’s a significant change in the usage of the Time Slots section compared to the older version. You can set the delivery date in the Time Slots section. You can change the time, add or delete it easily.

⭐️Week Working Day

Under this section, you can configure the general information such as day off, closing time, etc..

**You can calculate the Start date and End date by viewing our instructions. Please note that it only count the working days, the disabled days will not be counted. **
We suggest to set Minimum days first because it will be easier to calculate for you.
Cut-off time means the time you want to stop receiving orders on the enabling day.
Inc means the number of day to deliver your products after Cut-off time and will be counted with the Minimum days.
Specific Inc is used when you want to increase the days your customers order after cut-off time. And it only be needed when you disable the day.
Minimum days are the days counted from Today to Delivery Day. Whereas Maximum days are the period of time you want your customers to choose from Start Date to End Date.
The Inc day automatically adds X more day after cut-off time. Below is an example of how your setting is going to show on the product page if you set Inc 1:

Before cut-off time:

After cutoff time:

| Same day delivery

Enable this option if you want to set different timeslots during a specific of time. Please note that it will not automatically show same-day delivery, make sure that your minimum days is 0 if you customer choose delivery at the same day as order day.

Enable before: set the time to show time slots for orders before a specific time
Time slots: Set up different time slots for this day, until the enable time set above.

| ⭐️Holidays:

Click* New holiday** to set dates you do not deliver under Holidays tab. Selected holidays will be disabled in the delivery calendar on the cart page. Below is an example

You can edit a Holiday to change the holiday title and date range, and then click Save to finish:

Updated on: 11/06/2021

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