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How to add discount rule for product's variant?

Set Schedule: turn it on if you want to discount a product in a period of time

This is a period of time when the rule is activated. Out of this period of the schedule, the rule won’t display on the product’s page anymore. Then the status of the rule will be ‘’inactive’’.

If you add a rule for a product, then its variants will all be applied discounting too.
For example, when you add a rule for “Amber’s Flowers”, customers can choose any variants they want and get the discount if they purchased the required quantity of that product in their carts (in this example it is BUY 5 + DISCOUNT 10%).

However, because the rule of variant is more priority than the rule of products, if you set the rule for variant -> it will be displayed instead of the product’s rule.
For example, when you add a rule for “Amber’s Flowers'' as BUY 5 + DISCOUNT 10% and the rule for A7 (120x180mm)/Premium gsm Matt Cardstock as BUY 5 + DISCOUNT 5% then the display result will be like this

Setting the rule for variant has the same box and functions as when you set the rule for products
Please be noted that the rule can be set by percentage price, discounted amount money and fixed unit price.

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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