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How to check setting Blockify - IP Block?


Click to the setting tab, you can change the settings of the app as your preference.

Choose to Enable/Disable app in the Enable App section. If you choose to disable the app, all created settings will be paused until you enable the app again.

Integrate App with Theme 2.0: Enabled the app if you are using theme 2.0 to make sure the app can works well

Install your theme: If you change the theme, click on the install button to make the app compatible with your store.

Auto Block IP: Customer requests IP may change, trigger this setting, and you can automatically block that IP.

Block all: Block all regions except regions in blacklist and whitelist. This function allows you to test the block feature before using.

Matching rule: set the matching rule

Block for collection: apply the app for a specific collection

Please remember to click the Save button to save all your settings.

Updated on: 26/07/2022

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