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How to set up Blockify - IP Block App?

⭐️ How to block a IP Address in Blockify - IP Block App

After installing Blockify - IP Block app, you be directed to APP admin:

1. Add Region

Click Add Region button to add locations you want to block. A popup will appear below Add Region:

Black list : is a list which will be blocked when someone tries logging in your store.
White list: is a list which is acceptable to login to the page.
Other list: is a list that doesn’t fall into either one of these above.

You can switch that setting if you make changes in the settings tab.


If you block by country, please select the country name in the dropdown.

IP address

If you block by IP address, please enter one IP address in the IP location.


If you block by city/country, in the city bar, you can click to the “Country name” section to pick the country you want to block.

Move on to the “**City Name**” tab. Kindly note you are only able to select one city in this section.

If you want to add more cities in the same country, please click to “**Add Region**” and repeat these steps above.

Block/ Redirect:

Block: The default function of the app will block all the regions you added.

Redirect: you can change to Redirect and enter the link you want, so only the regions selected will be redirected to that link.

Import/ Export location:

After adding a region, you can see the Import location/ Export location in the Add Region tab.

If you choose Import location, you can upload the file from your device, remember to check the template file before uploading to make sure it is in the correct form.

If you choose Export location, all regions you added will be exported to excel file

If you have any difficulties in setting, please contact us via [email protected] or chat with us for support.

Updated on: 07/07/2022

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