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Quantity Price Breaks app - How to add rule for entire store?

Apart from Collection, the right column helps you set the rule for the entire store - which is the larger rule.
This is helpful for special occasions like Black Friday or when you have a clearance sale/inventory.
In collection tab, click ''Add rule for entire store'' to add rules for all products in your store.

Set Schedule: turn it on if you want to discount a product in a period of time

This is a period of time when the rule is activated. Out of this period of the schedule, the rule won’t display on the product’s page anymore.
There is no status of this rule will be shown on the setting window. If you want to check the why the rule of entire store is applied or note -> you have to click ''Add rule for entire store'' and see whether the Enable button is switched on or not.

How to set discount rule for entire store by percentage price
How to set discount rule for entire store by discounted amount

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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